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A Romantic Wedding at Sans Souci Palace

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

After getting engaged in New York, this traveling duo knew in their hearts that they wanted a destination wedding in H

aiti. With the help of Jaelle Wedding Planner., the bride and groom chose to marry in the ruins of an ancient castle. Sans Souci Palace.

The Sans-Souci Palace, or Sans-Souci Palace (French: Palais Sans Souci), was the main royal residence of Henry I, King of Haiti, better known as Henri Christophe. It is located in the town of Milot, about five kilometers (3 mi) northeast of the Citadelle Laferrière and thirteen kilometers (8 mi) southwest of the Three Bays Protected Area.

Sans-Souci Palace was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982.

The couple wanted to tell the story of a dreamlike and intimate wedding in the Haitian countryside in an abandoned castle overgrown with greenery and pampas.

We wanted to play around with this with super soft and fluffy flowers in different shades of green and peach. The bouquet was composed of the lightest flowers; Pampas, fern, roses, carnation. which gives these details an airy feel, reminiscent of a fairy tale.


The wedding dress is, at first glance, is a classic style and shape. It is simple and feminine at the same time, but when you look closer, you can see a dose of luxury and boldness packaged in the sweetness of a fluttery dress.


We went with the idea of ​​a more natural make-up that gives off a more formal look. The hairstyle was a neat low bun, again we wanted a simple but formal hairstyle.


The handmade tuxedo for the groom was the perfect fit. We went with a white colour to avoid the classic black suit. for the groom and pink for the groomsmen.


“We used a mixte of greenery and pampas with white and green flowers. Roses that are rightfully the queen of flowers must have been part of this story. The green leaves that we often associate exclusively with exotic themes are suitable for flower arrangements and bouquets that we want to look simple and not overloaded.”

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